Is this for me?

My daughter (then 8) made this little love-story from stones found in our garden.

Here is a little more information on how I work with people, and some testimonials below, to help you decide if you would like to schedule a free initial session.

I work with individuals and couples who are motivated to turn their relationship challenges into growth opportunities toward an inspired and fulfilled life.

I will provide you with practical tools, exercises and practice opportunities to speak your truth and make (or keep) your connections strong, as the bedrock from which you set off to flight and onto which you settle down to rest.

I will support and challenge you to see, speak, and go after what you need to thrive. As you play with the possibilities of your life, I will safeguard and nourish your longing for what is true for you.

Here are some typical questions that I work with:

  • I am unfulfilled in our marriage. What can I/we do?
  • My life feels flat. Is this it? 
  • Can I be in a relationship and be fully me?
  • I found out he/she betrayed me. What now?
  • We had a baby. Now I feel like we lost us. Help!!
  • We are great roommates. But we have lost our spark! Are we doomed?
  • Should I stay or should I go?
  • I continue to be told people experience me as (distant, weak, a smartass, demanding…) . Yikes! I want to change that!
  • I lose my audience, and my students do not like me. Yet I have something to say! Help!

I work via video conferencing through Zoom, as well as in person. I am licensed by Jayson Gaddis, which includes a peer-community of fellow Coaches within The Relationship School®.

Here is what others say…

Daxe completely changed the trajectory of our relationship. Moving across the country together brought to surface unresolved conflicts that hindered our relationship. Daxe didn’t resolve our issues for us, she taught us how to get to the root of the unresolved issues on our own, and collaborate as a team to repair them. We now have the confidence and tools to get through anything life throws our way and our love is stronger than ever! From the bottom of our hearts, thank you, Daxe.”

Britt & Eric (Relationship Coach & Graduate Student)

Daxe, was a fantastic coach. She really understands relationships (what works well and the pitfalls we naturally fall into). She listened with empathy but gave me honest feedback. We worked by video meetings but she also returned my emails promptly. She really helped give me some direction and ways to improve the way I relate personally. She would usually begin the session but having me focus on my current thoughts and feeling, then taking some deep breaths to really slow down and listen to myself. I highly recommend working with her and will likely ask for her insights again in the future.

– Rich Feldenberg, M.D.

Working with Daxe is a pleasure! When I show up grounded she challenges me to grow, when I show up untethered and struggling she gives me real tools that I can use to work myself back to solid footing.

– Terry, Harvesting Forester.