Relationship Coaching

Relationships are the foundation of a fulfilled life. Paying attention to them is as essential for us, as maintaining the soil is for growing a garden. If the soil is dry or hard, all else will be won with tremendous effort. When the soil is right, beautiful things will grow with ease.

Imagine what you could do, if your primary relationships were a safe harbor and a launching pad? What would you do with this precious life? Whatever it is, I am certain it would amaze me.

Good relationships are work, not fate.

My passion is to help you find fulfillment and meaning in your relationship life. I work with individuals and couples.  I Know you can be both: deeply connected to yourself and in relationship.

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Happiness is love. Full stop.

– George Vaillant, in summary of the 80+ year Grant Studie at Harvard Medical School

I live and work in two languages.

Ich lebe und arbeite in zwei Sprachen.